So, here I’ll try to review this very complex album. I’m no expert in free jazz , I just know classics such as Coltrane so excuse my lack of references in that review. All I know is that I loved this!

It’s totally improvised music by orchestras of people who sure know their shit regarding their instruments. But beware! It’s no shredding “ah yeah, look at me jacking off on my technical prowess” , just pure feeling. The way if should be in my opinion.

The album is divided in two thirty minutes tracks. The first one is performed by Turbulence orchestra and even though the beginning could have some “coltranesque” thing in it, it soon goes crescendo into something much more tense. The orchestra is made of 99% wind instruments with close to no percussive thing in it. It’s pretty atonal while being very structured all along. A very fine example of order from chaos… or maybe the inverse , I’m not sure which one goes first there!

The second track is by the “Leap of Faith” orchestra. It kinda takes back where the first one left to raise the intensity a level further, especially from the moment the drum kicks in. The track is also darker in my opinion (I think this might be debatable) and the drums really add a kick to it that gives it a kinda “tribal” or even “martial” feeling at times. The end of the track almost sounds like dark ambient and the sound tricks used by some wind instruments make me think about some bombing alarm or kind of dark entity wailing.

It all ends up with a huge gong hit and then, the silence.

You can check out this wonderful album here. 


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