LZIE – あけおめ EP (Dochakuso Records)

Looking for works from a specific Japanese artist can be really a pain sometimes if you don’t speak Japanese. For exemple, google “Lzie album” or “Lzie ep” and you won’t have any result linking to this album. I found it by browsing on the Dochakuso Records website which I didn’t know about not even two weeks ago.
That’s a pity because fans of kusoikore and lolicore will have their fill listening to this!

This 31 minutes EP (at this length we could decently speak about a full album) features 13 tracks of frantic kusoikore/lolicore! Where pencil will go full breakcore , Lzie will mix speedcore and gabber beats on the forefront with amen breaks and other breakbeats which overall really give punch and energy to his tracks and the samples used. This album seems to not take itself too seriously as well as there are some parts with speeches etc which sound intended to be cracking some kind of jokes (I unfortunately can’t get most of them as it’s 90% Japanese spoken stuff).

Also this release gives a big part to guitars and some titles pretty much give it away (Amenpunk version, Lzie fuckup punk mix…).

You can download this nice album here.  Look for the [DCKS – 044].


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