Spotify sometimes does it’s shit right. For exemple, this week on my discovery playlist they gave me an Otoboke Beaver track. This band is pure fun. A mix of rock’n’roll , punk and their own fucking frantic style. Probably something of garage rock as well but the guitar skill here is too high to be labelled that only. It has some slight, very slight bits of J-Pop in it which would remind me of early Akai Ko-En when they still had something wild to offer (their last album has been a huge deception for me, going full “radio edit tunes”). In fact I could almost say Otoboke Beaver is the Akai Ko-En who went totally apeshit, said “fuck radio edits” and decided to keep it raw.

Beware! I don’t speak about “look we intentionally sound like shit” raw. It’s clever use of raw sound we’re dealing with here. It’s kinda abrasive but all can be clearly heard and understood, the mix really serves their songs well.

The musicianship here is top-notch. Not a single song looks like the other, the structures are clever and often going away from what you would expect from your next-door “punk’n’roll” band. Everything is played tight, goes more kinda technical when needed without going “look look we’re good musicians look at that sweeping, did you see it? DID YOU SEE IT? HERE HAVE MORE!”. Everything here is done to serve the song , not the musicians egos (don’t get me wrong, I love prog rock, I just hate PRETENTIOUS prog / technical stuff which you can feel is just guys doing maths to show off.).

I didn’t get bored any second listening to this and their few singles. Totally recommended!

You can listen to it here : https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/5U4CG8aszApypD6RXauv3G

You can buy it here : https://otobokebeaver.bandcamp.com/

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