1) First of all could you introduce yourself to people who don’t know you yet? 

I am a 22 year old girl from Ohio and I am Meronti/Formicophilia. 

2) First about Formicophilia. Could you tell us a bit about the history of this project? 

Well Formicophilia is the first project I started with somewhat of an actual direction in mind. It was the first time I actually tired doing something in a certain style. I started it about 2 years ago. I had a lot of ideas for a long time but still was very new (and still am really) to making music. I thought noise would be a good starting point as it doesn’t take as much skill. I had one project before Formicophilia but it’s not very good and mostly me just getting a feel for things but I think it helped a lot. It really helped me find a sense of direction.

3) I think you have a very unique style with Formicophilia. Could you tell us about what inspires you, your influences etc? 

I think my appreciation of weird hentai and sci-fi/horror stuff really influenced me. Along with my love for insects and other creatures. As far as musical influences, I have always liked industrial kinda stuff. I Really like music that sounds like it was created by machines sounding stuff and wanted to do something like that.

4) Did you already get the chance to perform live? 

Nope I never have. I have no local fans at all so if I did I doubt anyone would come. lol

5) You have a project to release an “ant-ology” on Moessacre Rex but you also go through other labels. Is Tsundere Violence the only one or did you work with others? 

I have never worked with any other labels before.

6) Now about Meronti. Could you tell us about the history of this project which is pretty new if I’m not mistaken? 

Yes I just created Meronti a few months ago. I had wanted to make a lolicore project for a long time but I was nervous to start as I am whenever I start something new. Lolicore is honestly one of my favorite genres and I really wanted to contribute. I guess what took me so long to start one was thinking of a name. I eventually decided on Meronti, which is romanji for melon ti. There’s no reason I picked this name other than that I liked the sound of it. lol

7) You’re going to release a new album on my label , it came pretty quick after “Melon Soda” , how long does it take for you to prepare a new Meronti album? 

Well really I usually don’t plan anything. I really just decide to release an album when I feel like I have enough tracks made. I always feel eager to post stuff I have made but I don’t want to post too much on soundcloud and have no new tracks coming out when I release an album. I also was worried about not having a new one out soon enough as silly as that sounds.

8) Do you have any other projects in mind in the future? 

I have thought of some, but as of right now nothing is planned.

9) Do you plan to keep looking like an innocent girl while publishing titles such as “I want Chiyo-chan to suck my dick”? 

lol I think some of the titles to my Formicophilia tracks are way worse such as “I love shoving 12 inch centipedes in my ass” and “suicidal fetish monster”.

10) Last words are yours! 
I feel really happy that people like the music I create. I’m so thankful to all the people I have met through doing this stuff. I hope I can become more skilled and continue to make more. ( *’ω’* )

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