CYTEKINESIS (English and 日本語!)

1) First of all, can you introduce yourself?

Hello overseas bro! I’m Cyte.
I’m a Lolicore maker / Minimaltechno DJ


2) About Cytekinesis, could you tell us about the project’s history?
I know you released an EP “Insted of my eyes” which I reviewed here some weeks ago but do you have other releases around?

Cytekinesis was created to participate in last year’s Comic Market 91.
The aim is to make music that you think is pleasant, centering on lolicore and breakbeats.
What you make into other beliefs is not to make yourself stand out from yourself too much.
I believe that becoming famous only in the music scene that I am engaged leads to the break of the break core scene.
So it is not doing so announce that released EP … I am sorry for those who are looking forward to it.
Specifically, I would like to stand out to the extent that it is not reviewed by Bio hannya lol
There is a link to EP in the sound cloud, so please try to find it from there.

Thank you for reviewing “Insted of my eyes” last day!
Although I said that I do not want to stand out,but I am really pleased that you spread it to other people.
It is the first free EP I released from Cytekinesis and I like it very much. I also used it in UK a lot.

Actually, I released the new EP “Fall on deaf Ears” last month, but I am proud that this is also the best work!
fuckin cute virtual youtuber Kizuna-Ai, my fanatical denpa-band MOSAIC.WAV, bought a Blu-ray box PANI-PONI (I loving Becky and Misao Nanjo!), it did not rise to the Anime topic “Twin Angel BREAK”, Bangface’s live set, and anything…
I finished in an EP packed with all my favorite things!
Please do listen!


先日はInsted of my eyesのレビューをしてくれてありがとう!

実は先月、Fall on deaf EarsというEPを発表しました。こちらも最高の作品に仕上がったと自負しています!

3) Can you tell us more about the material you’re using to produce your tracks?
I usually use FLstudio to compose music with DAW.
but when making music with high improvisation such as noise …
I am doing a composition method that I can not say very much to people lol
When composing it, I dancing while sitting.
My one of favorite VST is fruity blood overdrive.
Recently I bought a new sampler so I would like to use it to trackmake and live act.

好きなVSTはfruity blood overdriveです。

4) Do you often play live with Cytekinesis? Did you ever get a chance to play out of Japan?
We will perform live as Cytekinesis in July so please look forward to it! (Of course in Tokyo haha)
Now I am very motivated about live acts in lolicore, so I’d like you to booking it!
Specifically, I want to join and act on WW04!

Certainly I did a live performance with Bangface weekender(kusoikore takeover), but I am not doing liveact on abroad from my usual time lol
That was the first overseas trip for me!
Just at the UK, I was so shout that “Please join me next year again!”
If you like my live act, I would like to do a live act over the sea again.
But travel expenses were too huge to pay student … it is the biggest problem.
At that time, please give me traveling expenses!! lol


確かに僕はBangface weekender(Kusoikore takeover)でライブをしましたが、普段から海外でライブを行っているわけではありません(笑)あれが最初の海外旅行でした。

5) What are your future projects regarding Cytekinesis?
We will continue releasing it based on Loricore.
But recently I got tired a bit, so I will schedule comic market 93 for the next release.
I will also use the name of Cytekinesis when doing a live act in Lolicore.
Please look forward to future activities!

As a personal goal for myself, I would like to purchase a rhythm machine some day and produce Minimal techno.
So, please buy my CD (?) And please support me!



6) About your minimal DJ activities, is it your main job or another passion besides your daily work?
That’s a good question!
I also write it in the SoundCloud bio, Minimal Techno DJ is the subject of my main activity.
Actually, many people need my Minimal Techno DJ play (big thanks!!!!)
“trance” produced in the iteration has comfort that can be tasted only by this, and it is a big driving force of DJ activities to let you feeling its goodness.
I will continue to actively act as a Minimal Techno DJ in the future.
(I also make Lolicore!)

Minimal (Techno) and Lolicore are located at extremes as music, but we should never miss it in order to know the history and development of music.
When I listened to the Manchester set of LUKE VIBERT with Bang Face, there was a sense that the point on the map of music was connecting by a line.
I want everyone to enjoy the “idea” of ​​electronic music and the hustle and bustle of the 1990s and the pleasure of pursuing disturbance.



7) What do you think about the lolicore / kusoikore scene in general? Which artists would you recommend us to listen to?
Since I have not yet passed a year since I started working for Lolicore ‘s composition, it is hesitant to hear opinions on this complex scene.
So, I want you to listen as a rookie’s thinking.

I believe that Kusoikore is a part of Lolicore, but it also has a very close relationship with noise and scum, on the other hand.
The judgment of loli and shit(kuso) is very difficult, I think that the classification will change depending on the listener.

I feel like the elements of noise and Lo-Fi appear when listening to the Lolicores of the past.
However, Lolicore, which is now to consume on the web, is different from the old one, I think that there is a side of bright mashcore rather.
It is often said that “Lolicore is dead”, but I think  Lolicore is living as a new form.
And I feel that the genre called Kusoikore is inclusive of all those elements, and I think that it will be a destruction of the diversity of music to be recognized in the future.
Recently there is a tendency to judge the music that includes Lo-Fi and the element of the amenbreak immediately as a Kusoikore, but in the breakcore scene it is not a good thing.
I think that we need to enjoy music with proper knowledge.

…But it is the worst thing to push the definition hardly afraid of change.
The last people to enjoy is listeners who are music consumers. It is something that you do not want to hear once it is complained.
Even if the result is the worst one (for truckmakers), I think that changing recognition of music genres is nothing wrong.

Lolicore recommendation … Although it will become a famous person sorry

· Nyaso
I was shocked by his “loli bxxch”, purchased FLstudio and started making Lolicore. He is my eternal yearning.
His “Discommunication Break” is also one of the most played tracks in this harf year. Great!!!!!
If he can it, I’d be happy if you let me know if we can do DL or tell me original music about that lol

· Loli Nyanko
I think It is a modern Lolicore artist who shines with the ferocious glidge and the goodness of sampling sense.
“Os-space cat” has destructive power, it is close to the figure of Lolicore I thinking.

· Maedasalt
“4u” was used my morning alarm lol
A song with a clear tone like that looks into the deep sea shows the diversity of Lolicore.

· Nyojikko
I like the noise that goes through my ears as good as like a wind and breakbeats and sampling.(I can’t write him talent through English/// sorry)
I think that “Fight Asuka” is the best camphor agent that clears the melancholy.

Esca-Chan(Esca’s Stuff),Dz’Xa,Ayane Fukumi,tomatoism,pencil… everyone has many talent.

My songs are doing all I want to do, so I love them the most in the world!



Lolicore is deadとはよく言われていますが、ロリコアは新しい形になって認知されているのかなと思います。



僕は彼の”loli bxxch”に衝撃を受けてFLstudioを購入し、ロリコアを作り始めました。僕の永遠の憧れです。
彼の”Discommunication Break”もまた、下半期で最も再生したトラックの一つです。素晴らしい。

・Loli Nyanko
“Os-space cat”は破壊力があり、僕の思うロリコアの姿に近いです。


“Fight Asuka”は憂鬱を晴らす最高のカンフル剤だと思います。


8) Recently the “Kusoikore 4” event took place alongside an upcoming compilation release. Why is it the last edition?
I think this is the question of many people, but I can not tell everything from my mouth.
However, Kusoikore became too big.
Kusoikore to be held in the future should be different from what we know.
I think that is also a good thing!


9) Last words are yours!
Thank you so much for listening to my Lolicore!
If you enjoy my track, I will also have a joy.
I did not do ego-search, but I know someone loves my track.
Both Loli and Techno, I loving them!



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