Hello everyone!

As you can see, I’ve been inactive for some time. It happens that I’m actually out of town for a longer time than I expected (some private affairs to attend.).

Orders will still be processed but some things are delayed as a result :

  • A CDR release was planned for the beginning of this month but it will happen a bit later. All I can say is it WILL be this month, I just don’t know when exactly yet.
  • The tribute to Anal Cunt will be delayed as well, so procrastinators rejoice, you can still send me your tracks (if you already registered for the compilation, I won’t take new bands!).
  • I have a very tight schedule which makes it hard for me to go queue on the post office to send cds, so expect some delay, not more than a week. I brought my material for preparing the orders where I am so orders are still processed, just takes a bit more time.

Also, never two without three, my printer fucked up and the stickers I ordered look like shit so I’ll go through another company for this. The “funny” thing is that recently it was the end of Ramadan and here it means all small businesses with affordable prices for small scale orders are closed for a week or so. Yeah , you got it : that means another fucking delay.

Orders that have been passed recently will get a lil’ bonus as an apology for the extra waiting time.



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