AWKWARD GEISHA – OPERETTE (Harsh Noise Movement / Harsh Noise Movement Jazz)

Oh boy, how I'm glad my good HNM sir sent me this review request! Awkward Geisha is an improvisation ensemble founded by HNM and featuring many artists whom HNM records fans probably know already (Akano Shibahito , Cum Gutter, Eric Jovet etc). This album is a huge TRIPLE CD RELEASE. I'm listening to it again as... Continue Reading →



So, here I'll try to review this very complex album. I'm no expert in free jazz , I just know classics such as Coltrane so excuse my lack of references in that review. All I know is that I loved this! It's totally improvised music by orchestras of people who sure know their shit regarding their... Continue Reading →


This is a very interesting release. A mix of noise, power noise a la Converter and more ambient things. The man behind this project won't step back in front of any sound or music he will deem fit to fill his sonic experiments. His music is a pretty unique mix of heavenly singing, saturated sounds... Continue Reading →


Unique is the first word coming to my mind when listening to this. Seriously. It's absolutely impossible to make this enter a stylistic "box". Agnes Pe music is...Agnes Pe music. Well, I guess this could be called "experimental" as it's a "fit everything that doesn't fit" box but beware! It's not that kind of music... Continue Reading →

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