Spotify sometimes does it's shit right. For exemple, this week on my discovery playlist they gave me an Otoboke Beaver track. This band is pure fun. A mix of rock'n'roll , punk and their own fucking frantic style. Probably something of garage rock as well but the guitar skill here is too high to be... Continue Reading →


16-武装翼の女神/ORBALISK – SPLIT

Sometimes I hear "cybergrind is shit". They obviously never listened to this split album. What we are delivered here is very professional work. You can easily hear that these tracks have not been puked out in five seconds by some guy with fruity loops going "let's put the pitch down, make a random pattern and... Continue Reading →


Now for some harsh gorenoise. But not your regular harsh gorenoise. No, instead of pathological titles or downright silly titles here we're served with bees (don't get me wrong, I love when it goes silly I mean, I'm playing in Maximator guys). Yep, bees. But it must be pretty fucking huge and pissed bees because... Continue Reading →


With a name such as Slug Fucker, you can easily guess we're diving once again in the consensual waters of goregrind. Well, it's more like cybergrind here but who cares. Slug Fucker is surprisingly slow for that style of music. No drilling blast beats here. Also the guitars are pretty much Super Nintendo guitars, which... Continue Reading →


Another one of these tight bands not getting the recognition they deserve. This 11 track demo has not one single track to throw away. We're dealing here with state of the art goregrind with heavy old-school influences here. I hear Impetigo, Haemorrhage and friends. It's dirty , straight to the point, crusty goregrind with particularly nice... Continue Reading →


I fell on that while browsing some gorenoise page. If you're some weirdo like me who likes having your ears being drilled with saturated drum machines while some kind of fatass mancubus eructates obscenities at you then this EP is the right thing for you. Don't expect any kind of subtlety here. I mean, guys,... Continue Reading →

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