A looooong overdue interview with sir Esca-Chan (sorry for the huge delay haha). 1 ) First could you introduce yourself to readers who don't know about you yet?  ayy, im Esca-chan, also known as other 6 names, im a multigenre artist and also as of late im drawing characters for my aliases! If you want... Continue Reading →



Here is a long overdue interview by the Orthodox Christian black-metal band Hesychast. Don't forget to check their album "Ageless" which I reviewed here as well. 1) First of all , could you introduce yourselves to people who don't know your band yet? We are a group of two from America who have been making... Continue Reading →


1) First of all can you introduce this project to the readers? Awkward Geisha began as a solo project in 2016 that was going to be a series of one string guitar improvisations. That idea got lost among the many projects that I had going on at that moment in time. I revisited the project... Continue Reading →


After a long time of inactivity the webzine is finally back! L'eclipse Nue is one of my favorite noise acts and it has been a pleasure to interview him!   First of all, could you introduce yourself to those who don't know about you? I am Daniel Sine, also known as OPR Opco, and I... Continue Reading →

CYTEKINESIS (English and 日本語!)

1) First of all, can you introduce yourself? Hello overseas bro! I'm Cyte. I'm a Lolicore maker / Minimaltechno DJ グリザイアシリーズでは風見一姫が好きです。 2) About Cytekinesis, could you tell us about the project's history? I know you released an EP "Insted of my eyes" which I reviewed here some weeks ago but do you have other releases... Continue Reading →


1) First of all could you introduce yourself to people who don't know you yet?  I am a 22 year old girl from Ohio and I am Meronti/Formicophilia.  2) First about Formicophilia. Could you tell us a bit about the history of this project?  Well Formicophilia is the first project I started with somewhat of... Continue Reading →


I'm very happy to have been able to make this interview with this band that I really really like. A big thanks to Andrew for answering in detail and making it easier for me to publish the interview. I urge you to throw an ear on their fantastic improvised free-jazz/metal here  1 - First of... Continue Reading →


Here is an interview from an artist I like a lot. Check his releases. Seriously, DO IT. 1 - First of all could you introduce yourself to readers who don't know your great work yet?  I've been DJing in the middle/late 90ies. Goatrance and Acid. After a while I was tired to play other peoples... Continue Reading →

I, ETERNAL (English and Francais)

1 - Peux tu te presenter a nos lecteurs qui ne te connaissent pas encore? I,Eternal, groupe de tout seul. Si je suis d'orientation musique concrète, les étiquettes ambient et musique improvisée me convienent parfaitement. Je suis aussi un crooner surréaliste. Je suis ouvert aux mélanges, expérimentations, collaborations, remixes en tout genres. Le son c'est... Continue Reading →

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