CYTEKINESIS – HIT IT! (Cytekinesis records)

Here is one of my favorite lolicore records to date! The whole album is really interesting and gives a new life to the tracks "lolified" there. Also, point to note that is important : we're not facing here yet another lolicore artist just putting the pitch up a notch adding some amen breaks. Cytekinesis does... Continue Reading →



Magical Change Bros is a new unit featuring CDR and GHETTOLOLITECH which you both probably know already if you're following my webzine. You also probably think already you're in for a treat. And hell yes it is! It's what I would call break/lolicore with bits of techno here and there. The melodies there are usually... Continue Reading →


How sad I am to read on Vaenus bandcamp that it will be his last EP for a long time. His brand of mix between breakcore, drum'n'bass and hardcore is really enjoyable. I don't think he could close this era any better than with this "Cold EP". It takes back where the split/EP "Eating us... Continue Reading →


Some artists have a very recognizable sound. You know, that kind of artists whom you can guess a song is from after having merely listened to some seconds of them. Hawawa is one of these. Here is a selection of what Hawawa considers being his best tunes, remastered and re-edited. Hawawa's music is qualified as... Continue Reading →

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