This is a very interesting release. A mix of noise, power noise a la Converter and more ambient things. The man behind this project won't step back in front of any sound or music he will deem fit to fill his sonic experiments. His music is a pretty unique mix of heavenly singing, saturated sounds... Continue Reading →



This album is a Harsh Noise Movement featuring the talented saxophonist Akano Shibahito. It's not the first album where they happen to work together but this one is my favorite. It's a clever mix of jazz and noise where jazz takes the crown (while their first collaboration, "JAZZ" ,was pretty much the inverse). Surprisingly enough, it's... Continue Reading →


Strelokk is an artist who will always surprise me. Not only does he manage to renew himself regularly despite releasing tons of stuff but he manages to produce masterpieces like this album. He's the noise artist you don't want in your split release because he will make you sound like an amateur. To be fair, he... Continue Reading →


I'm always happy to see a new Writhe release because he's one of my fav noise artists. He has a very particular style which seems to be also heavily influenced by drone. Writhe's style is as one can guess pretty dark and this release is not breaking the rule in any way. It's very interesting... Continue Reading →


I fell on that while browsing some gorenoise page. If you're some weirdo like me who likes having your ears being drilled with saturated drum machines while some kind of fatass mancubus eructates obscenities at you then this EP is the right thing for you. Don't expect any kind of subtlety here. I mean, guys,... Continue Reading →

WORMGASM – EROS (English et Francais)

This album is yet another one of these hidden gems you will find on the corner of a twitter link or some obscure website (like this one!). Wormgasm is hailing from France and is at the crossroads between power electronics, industrial and harsh noise. Not the kind of power electronics and harsh noise where every... Continue Reading →

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