CHIC GALA – 中空世界 / Kitty On Fire Records

A bunch of drunken punks going in a mainstream nightclub and thrashing everything. That's what this album makes me think about and I hate mainstream nightclubs. That means it's good. Also , I will try to describe this as well as I can as it's pretty unique and can't be put in a single case.... Continue Reading →


金尾 秀和 (KANCHENJUNGA) and 男色ディーノ (DANSHOKU DINO) – 世紀の髪切りデスマッチ (Hair Match of the Century) / Throne of Bael Records

Some Japanese dark ambient this time with Kanchenjunga and Danshoku Dino. This split album feature two tracks lasting around 10 minutes each. If I had to describe this in one picture, I would just use the split's artwork which describes the music's mood perfectly : ghostly, eerie, gloomy with something which reminds me of old... Continue Reading →


How can a band named after a hilariously gruesome horror movie franchise be bad? Well, seems it can't. Basket Case delivers us good old goregrind deeply rooted in it's old-school death metal and crust / d-beat roots. Each track is a short blast of in your face goregrind with samples from horror movies. It is... Continue Reading →

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