China Ferrari Sex Orgy Death Crash – Five Kinds of Splooge

Now that's some band name. It doesn't beat "Dangly Mutated Dog Dick" but that's something. This EP is an interesting piece of gorenoise. First , the concept which is absolutely fascinating. The tracklist is the following : "Splooge , Splarge, Splik, Splub, Splarp". So yeah... five kinds of "splooge" depicted with frantic blasts and vrrrrrmbing... Continue Reading →



First review of an artist from China! I must say this is quite a unique release. The whole thing could be qualified of "slamming brutal death-metal" but so many extra spices are put here and there to make it a very unique entity that I think it would be not giving this album it's due... Continue Reading →


It's not in my habit to review releases that are so short. I mean, that four titles release lasts less than a minute. Yup, but that's a freaking good minute so I decided to make an exception and talk about it. It's a solo grindcore project with influences from death metal to powerviolence and it... Continue Reading →


Here is some Orthodox Black-metal for you. No, not that "Exercises in futility" kind of Orthodox. The Eastern Orthodox Christian kind.  I know some here will automatically go "EW" but personally I think that if guys want to use black-metal to speak about their spirituality, that's fine, whether they're Hindu, Christian, ONA adepts or Anti-cosmic... Continue Reading →

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