OPERANT – ZERO KNOWLEDGE (Instruments of Discipline)

I didn't know about the label Instruments of Discipline but if all of their releases are as good as this one I'm gotta keep an eye on their productions! Operant is an industrial band which seems to be from Germany (I'm not 100% sure). They propose a very unique blend of industrial , harsh noise, kind... Continue Reading →



And here is the first power electronics review! It's a genre that grew on me over time. Here we're having a pretty good album dealing with children abuse as it's title tells us. This is very abrasive power electronics we're given here. Don't play it too loud at first because the distorted high frequencies used... Continue Reading →


Here is my favorite Scott Lawlor's release so far, at least according to what I got the chance to listen to (Scott's discography is really really huge). This album is inspired from a movie "Child of Rage" which I didn't watch so I won't be able to say much from this point of view. It's... Continue Reading →


How sad I am to read on Vaenus bandcamp that it will be his last EP for a long time. His brand of mix between breakcore, drum'n'bass and hardcore is really enjoyable. I don't think he could close this era any better than with this "Cold EP". It takes back where the split/EP "Eating us... Continue Reading →

16-武装翼の女神/ORBALISK – SPLIT

Sometimes I hear "cybergrind is shit". They obviously never listened to this split album. What we are delivered here is very professional work. You can easily hear that these tracks have not been puked out in five seconds by some guy with fruity loops going "let's put the pitch down, make a random pattern and... Continue Reading →

NEWS WEEK 07th MAY 2017

Hi, I know things have been pretty calm here lately but I've not been idle. First , some real-life shenanigans came in my way, giving me less time to take care of Moessacre. Also, RELEASES! Floppie's "A tomato supreme" EP was released. Tomatoism "Cutie!!" EP was released as well. So yeah, also got busy struggling... Continue Reading →

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