How to order Moessacre Rex releases? (In English and 日本語!)

For now there are two options available : 1 - Order here through e-mail ( Please send me requests this way : Name of the artist Name of the album Order for CD / Digital version Your full address e-mail, phone number I'll contact you as soon as I get your e-mail to give you the... Continue Reading →

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After months of delaying it's finally out! I'm happy to announce that CDR's "Kyariparemixes" is finally out! It comes as a slimcase cd with pro-printed cover and cd sticker! Also, CDR stickers will be available pretty soon! You can get to the bandcamp page by clicking on the album title in the player below!


1) First of all can you introduce this project to the readers? Awkward Geisha began as a solo project in 2016 that was going to be a series of one string guitar improvisations. That idea got lost among the many projects that I had going on at that moment in time. I revisited the project... Continue Reading →


Here is some Orthodox Black-metal for you. No, not that "Exercises in futility" kind of Orthodox. The Eastern Orthodox Christian kind.  I know some here will automatically go "EW" but personally I think that if guys want to use black-metal to speak about their spirituality, that's fine, whether they're Hindu, Christian, ONA adepts or Anti-cosmic... Continue Reading →


Hello everybody! So, as you could see, I've been really inactive as of late with the webzine and the label and I think I owe you guys an explanation : First of all, real life got in my way pretty hard. Financially things were not that bright to such a point that I couldn't even... Continue Reading →


After a long time of inactivity the webzine is finally back! L'eclipse Nue is one of my favorite noise acts and it has been a pleasure to interview him!   First of all, could you introduce yourself to those who don't know about you? I am Daniel Sine, also known as OPR Opco, and I... Continue Reading →

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